This website has been made to introduce incoming freshers to life at IIT Bombay. Explore this website and use it to make an informed choice about your college and department. The Student Mentor Program has set up this website. We have addressed almost all the important questions on this website, but it might not cover them all. Please feel free to post any query on the Query Portal. Have fun!


The student community at IITB is an active and thriving one. The development and management of all student activities comes under the purview of Students' Gymkhana. It is instrumental in identifying student issues and promoting discussion on them. It functions as the office for all elections and nominations of students for gymkhana activities. There are several student bodies that work under the aegis of the Gymkhana.


So you thought it was all about academics? Wrong! IITB is privileged to have one of the best cultural (or 'cult') scenes among engineering colleges in India. Apart from hosting Mood Indigo, India's biggest college cultural festival, we have a very active intra-college scene, with genre specific clubs and plenty of hostel and insti-level events all year round. The scene is basically split into 10 genres: Music, Photography & Fine Arts, Speaking/Debating, Literary Arts, Photography & Fine Arts, Dance, Dramatics, Film & Media, Design and Lifestyle.

Follow all the updates here
Webpage: gymkhana.iitb.ac.in/~cultural
Facebook Page : facebook.com/IITBCult


At the Institute level, the scene is governed by the Institute Cultural Council, headed by the General Secretary of Cultural Affairs. Working with him are 8 Institute Secretaries, for the aforementioned 10 genres. Each secretary is the head of the club(s) under his/her domain. Also, at the hostel level, each hostel has a Cultural Councilor along with a secretary for each of the genres. The incoming freshers are pre allocated to the hostels they are going into the next year and they represent their senior hostels throughout the year.

The most important cultural event of your first semester here is Freshiezza, the inter-hostel freshmen cultural competition. Usually held in 2 phases over the first semester, Freshiezza is where you battle it out for hostel glory in a host of events from all areas of the cult sphere and explore what insti ‘cult’ has to offer for you. Do participate, if you can, or else at least come and cheer your hostel on. Stay back that weekend, we guarantee you won't regret it.

Cultural Clubs

Literary Arts: Literati
Quizzes, Creative writing, Rebuses, Blogs and Word Games all fall under the reign of Literati. GC Event: General quiz, Mixed Bag GC, Word Games GC, Wolf Pack GC

Dramatics: Fourth Wall
Comedy plays, street plays and mono-acting are the strengths of the club. The spotlight is grabbed by the Annual Theatre Festival and Sophie Production. GC event: Dramatics Main Championship

Music: Staccato and Saaz
The clubs for western and Indian music respectively. They conduct large scale musical events and workshops. Watch out for Saaz's Surbahar and Swar Sandhya, and Staccato's Acoustic Dusk and Unplugged. GC event: Goonj

Film and Media: Silverscreen
The youngest club on the campus, Silverscreen has already scaled great heights with the introduction of the IIT Bombay Film Festival, showcasing student-made films along with celebrated international movies. We have had the likes of Aamir Khan, Anurag Kashyap, Shekhar Kapoor, Nandita Das and many others who have graced IITB Filmfest. GC Event: Film Making

Dance: In Sync
Classical, hip-hop, folk or contemporary, In Sync has it all. The Annual Insync Dance Show (AIDS) held in January is a must watch. Probably the largest cultural club of IIT Bombay. GC Event: Gyrations

Debating: We-Speak and Vaani
Speak your mind! Panel debates, JAMs, extempore, radioplays... you name it. Host to the IIT Bombay National Debate. GC Event: Debate GC, Jam GC, KavyaSandhya

Photography and Fine Arts - Rang and Pixels
Rang is the Fine Arts Club and Pixels, the photography club conduct competitions and workshops for everything from sponge modelling to comic strip writing to Adobe Photoshop. They showcase the institute talent in the the annual exhibition Kaladarshan. GC Event: Photography GC, Fine Arts GC, Wall Painting GC etc

Design Club
When creativity meets passion, design happens. Design is thoughts given shape; to put together the pieces of a puzzle, not knowing of what would unfold. Have an idea? Give it shape and bring it into existence; scribble it out or express yourself digitally. The Design team came into existence in 2014, with the motive of creating a culture of design in the institute, bringing together aspects from all genres of art. The amazing response we got has encouraged us to go further and expand across the genres, to have infrastructure set aside for enthusiastic people. Designers showcase their talent in Vision, the institute's annual design festival. GC Event: Design GC

Classical & Folk Arts - Roots
So, ‘Roots’ -The Classical and Folk Arts Club of IIT Bombay , as its name suggests, aims to replenish the art form- Classical and Folk arts that had taken birth decades before. A place where dance , music and arts can be enjoyed together in a traditional way! Roots provides you all the sugar candies that’ll simply tempt you to evolve the classical artist within, be it learning , expressing or listening and viewing the maestros! Roots conducts the biggest classical concerts in insti in the event- Virasat.

Fashion Club – Style Up
Lifestyle Club, IIT Bombay is an initiative of the Institute Cultural Council of IIT Bombay. This club caters to various 'topics' related to 'Lifestyle' of people in IIT Bombay. Everyone from IIT Bombay can be a part of this club as a member, moderator or active follower, without any bar of knowledge, credentials and skills. This is a club of people who want to explore more. Presently the club has Fashion as its major sub-genre, Cuisine and Spirituality would be launched shortly this year. The club gives you an opportunity to be a part of workshops of walking the ramp, photoshoots, designing costumes and also the club would be coming up with Halloween Party for the institute this year.

So, now you have a good idea about the different clubs and the different genres. Too much information? No worries, there will be an orientation (with a fundae session) for each club separately too. Just make it a habit to have a look at the notice-boards daily. For details visit the Cult Homepage.

Intra College events
Intra-hostel General Championship (GC) events that are held throughout the year decide your hostel's position in the Cultural GC, winning which is very prestigious. Recently, even freshies have been allowed to represent their senior year hostels in GCs. In addition, the cultural council organizes a huge number of open events spread across the year. These events have no restrictions; some, on the contrary, have freshmen reservations.

Inter college events
Every December, IITB hosts India's biggest cult fest, Mood Indigo. MI is a 4 day long cultural extravaganza that sees participation by thousands of students from all over the country. Apart from formal and informal competitions and workshops, it also organizes concerts and performances by international artistes. IITB students attend numerous college cult fests but we only send official contingents to two, St. Xavier's Malhar (around 15th Aug) in Mumbai and IIM-B's Unmaad (around 29th Jan). Freshies generally attend Unmaad in large numbers.

Performing Arts Festival (PAF)
PAF is also known as the 'Baap of all cultural events’. Typically, three or four hostels (out of fourteen) are grouped together to battle against one another. From script to dance, music to dram, every damn thing is handled by the students. PAF is renowned for its 'Prod work' which involves the making of sets and backdrops. A tremendous mixture of art and cultural skills combined with life sized sets, is what makes PAF an event to remember.

By that time, you will be allotted your 'permanent' hostels and hence will be a good time to make new friends and get acquainted with the hostel culture.

At the end of the academic year, the institute hands out awards to those who have excelled in cultural activities, along with the inter-hostel GC and PAF trophies.

So there you have it. Cult at IITB is truly in a league of its own, so please do grab every opportunity to be a part of it. And remember, never be hesitant to join a club or attend a meeting just because you feel you're not good enough - most of us knew nothing about our current cult interests/passions when we first started out, back in our first years. The institute clubs welcome students of all levels, from noobs to pros.

A mandatory word of caution though: do not sacrifice your academics for the sake of extra- curricular activities; prioritize your interests and allocate your time wisely. That being said, we do hope you enjoy every bit of your 4/5 years here, and hopefully the cultural scene would be a major part of your college lives.

InterIIT Cult
Each and every IIT is different from the other in most of the aspects from the academic valuation to various clubs and their activities.To bridge this gap among all IITs and to enable knowledge sharing and cultural distribution Inter IIT cultural meet was started in 2016 with IIT Bombay organising it for the first time.

IIT Bombay won the overall championship in 2016 and were 1st runner up in 2017. All the club secretaries and club people look forward to participating and competing in this ultimate cultural championship. It is an honor to get a chance to represent IIT Bombay and selections are based on the various auditions conducted across different genres.

The 4th edition of Inter IIT Cultural Meet will be held in December 2019 and it will include competitions covering all the cultural genres.

Media @IIT Bombay

The Institute has a very active media scene in terms of Newsletters, Magazines, Video coverage and IITB Radio. While Insight, the media body of IIT Bombay, releases newsletters specifically for freshmen, amongst others, several departments and institute bodies also put out their own newsletters. IIT BBC pioneers the video content scene in the campus, and to cater to those who enjoy radio, we also have the IITB radio.

Newsletters and Magazines

Insight is currently the only active media body in the institute run voluntarily by students. Aawaaz was the media body for Hindi but is now dissolved.


If you like writing, have a flair for journalism and you want to work on high impact pieces that usher changes in the institute or simply want to publish a few leisure pieces for light reading and humour you would like to work with the student media body Insight. Insight publishes online content on their website along with offline newsletters which are delivered door to door. Watch out for their Freshmen specific newsletter, started from 2013, which you will be receiving in August!

IIT Bombay Broadcasting Channel

IITBBC is a specific wing of Insight focussing on video coverage of events happening in the institute. If you are interested in real time coverage of news in the institute and working on video editing you should definitely work with IITBBC.


E-Cell publishes a magazine EnSpace which aims to promote entrepreneurial awareness through an interesting mix of articles, interviews and informative pieces. You can find the EnSpace publications here.



Excellence in sports is a direct index of the stature and intellectual maturity of an institute. IIT Bombay has always aimed to set a precedent for other institutions by laying utmost emphasis on the multifaceted development of its students and pushing them to raise the bar by striving to be ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’. With a deeply ingrained sports culture and the ‘Right of Sports for all’ as a cornerstone of its Sports policy, the institute has, over the years, channelized its resources towards the development of a state of the art sporting complex that caters to over fourteen sports. All the facilities are helmed by seasoned training staff so that even beginners have a beautiful chance to learn the craft and their more experienced counterparts can receive the requisite guidance.


IITB offers its students sports facilities of an international level with fully-furnished courts and high-quality equipment.

Besides, every hostel has dedicated volleyball, badminton and basketball courts, cricket pitches and football fields, snooker, table tennis and foosball tables and is completely decked with various equipments which can be issued by students.

Sports for everyone

A passion for sports has always been a part of the very fabric of the institute. To ensure a healthy continuity of this tradition the Sports Council organises a multitude of sports and fitness camps that vary in the degree of professionalism (amateur, intermediate or advanced) as well as the rigour of instruction.

Moreover, to keep with dynamically evolving exercise regimens, workshops on modern forms like Zumba, Mixed Martial Arts and AquaYoga and target specific weight loss camps are conducted. And to satisfy the cravings of the adventure streak in all of us, there are regular excursions to the Himalayas, daunting treks and adrenaline pumping sports like rafting, rock climbing and mountaineering, with scuba diving plans in the pipeline.

The Government of India, through the National Sports Organisation, mandates that all incoming freshmen must undergo a structured training in a sport of their choice. At IIT Bombay, NSO forms an integral part of the curriculum and classes are offered in sports with biweekly instruction.


Aavhan is a three day extravaganza that brought together participants to combine the thrill of competition with the joy of sports. The state-of- the-art facilities at the institute played host to over three thousand sportspersons representing universities, clubs and organizations across the nation. Tough battles were waged across courts, fields and the pool in a bid to bring home the glittering trophies that were at stake in thirteen different sports.

The inaugural edition of Aavhan, IIT Bombay’s sports festival, which was held from 24 th May 2017 to 26 th May 2017,The fever that had engulfed the campus was tangible as all events witnessed large spectator turnout. Despite there being some of the finest talent from across the country for display, the IIT Bombay contingent refused to give any quarter and ensured that all their opponents had to toil and prove their mettle to emerge champions.

The extensive planning and relentless work that was put in by the Sports Council, the support staff and other authorities to get the sponsors on board and translate this long standing dream into a reality was evident from the flawless execution of the event. The grand success of the festival can be attributed to the way it managed to capture the passion to conquer and the quest for glory- the very essence of all sporting activity. Now that Aavhan is set to be an annual fixture, it only promises to get bigger, better and more entertaining and we couldn’t be more excited!

The Council

The responsibility for the efficient management of all issues pertaining to sports at the institute level rests with the Sports Council, an annually elected body. Helmed by the General Secretary, the council comprises 4 nominees, 14 sport-specific secretaries, 1 Technical Head, 1 Creatives Head and a Conveners.


At the institute level itself, a steady string of competitive events is organised throughout the year with tournaments on conventional sports, upcoming games as well as their modern improvisations. The General Championships are keenly contested as they bring budding talent into the spotlight besides resting on a traditional yet healthy inter-hostel rivalry as its bedrock. The ever increasing participation among girls has prompted the advent of a separate Girls GC which is now a permanent fixture. Outside of the mainstream GC framework, leagues and events are also organised periodically to allow players to hone and display their skills and to instil a sporting ethic among all students. For fostering a spirit of fraternity in the hostels, the Hostel Council holds multiple events to promote interaction across batches and departments.

Inter IIT Championships

Touted as the ‘Holy Grail’ amongst all the sports events, representing IITB at the Inter IIT Sports meet is the ultimate honour for any student at the institute. Each year, one of the seven older IITs plays host to contingents from the other campuses, with players in their quest for glory competing fiercely to lift the coveted trophy.

Moreover, considering the level at which the competition operates and the fact that it is the highest stature that can be associated with a sportsperson at the institute, getting to represent IITB at this event in the first year itself ought to be a matter of great honour and pride for any freshman.

In recent years, IITB won the Overall General Championships for 3 consecutive years 2007- 2009, and then again in 2012. The 50 th Inter IIT Sport Meet was hosted rather magnificently by the institute. That there have been several instances of individuals being crowned champions at the meet in sports they learnt only after joining the institute speaks volumes of how IIT Bombay provides ample opportunities to cultivate talent and nurture it.

The championship is held in December every year, with a separate aquatics meet in October. For the main meet, selection trials commence in October. Those selected become a part of the Inter IIT Training Camp which begins from 1 st December, continuing until the date of departure.

To know more about Sports at IIT Bombay, visit https://gymkhana.iitb.ac.in/~sports/.

Technical Affairs

Broken that toy to see how that spring worked? Unscrewed that FM receiver trying to make sense of how it works? Remember the sense of elation reading 'Hello World' on the screen? You are not alone. From circuit benders to stargazers, we have them all!

Technical Activities (or Tech) will provide you with an opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms into practical use. Tech@IITB will enthrall and excite, and enthuse you to build, to create something of your own. After all, isn’t that why most of you are here?

The Tech Scene

The current scene at the institute provides a world of opportunity to excel in wide range of activities, ranging from funded personal projects to collaborative projects with premier institutions like the ISRO. Tech at the institute also involves a more exciting, competitive side including not only the Institute Tech GC but also winning participation in various Inter Collegiate Technical Festivals including our very own Techfest.

Events to look out for in freshman year:
  • XLR8: This is your first hand at tinkering and building something on your own. You get your hands dirty to make a bluetooth operated robotic car for a competition with attractive prizes which is held late in August. But we warn you - the feeling you get in seeing something that you have made actually work is enthralling as hell!
  • Scratch Day: Dive head first into programming with a fun game building competition held among all freshmen. Scratch is a visual programming language that provides an easy way to start coding even if you haven’t done any before. Watch out for pizzas and prizes to be won!
  • Mathathon: Show off your mathematical prowess; level up as you pass through multiple stages of difficulty in this marathon math problem solving contest. This is the ultimate showdown for all you math lovers.
  • Bazinga: Go beyond usual problems in physics and maths and put your thinking abilities to test as you answer interesting conceptual questions in this team based quiz contest. If you are a fan of pure thought and imagination, this event is for you.
  • Line Following Bot competition: Held in the first week of January, it will introduce you to more advance electronics stuff like control algorithms, microcontrollers and sensors. It is not only a platform to automate but to innovate as well.
  • Web Designing: Be ready to unleash your creativity and your coding prowess to design awesome websites. Get a chance to feature on the WnCC website zone this October with your website design.
  • RC Plane Competition: Held in September and October, this competition involves designing, building and flying a radio-controlled airplane. You will be introduced to the basics of what makes an airplane fly (hint: not magic), including Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics.
  • Trip to Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT): Watching the night sky and the stars slowly changing position as the earth revolves is a wondrous experience and observing this at GMRT, Pune is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We will be taking more than 10 telescopes so all of you can learn to handle a telescope and enjoy the night sky. Also, you might get an opportunity to attend lectures of great astrophysicists at NCRA, Pune.
  • General Astronomy Quiz (August): An open institute quiz where all the astro enthusiasts gather and showcase their ‘dexterity’ in the fields of Observational, Theoretical Astronomy. Usually takes place in the first month of the Odd semester, the General Astronomy Quiz comprises of fun, tricky, puzzling questions which require rather simple concepts in Astronomy, Physics but indeed a lot of common sense. Loads of interesting prizes at stake!
  • Tech Weekend: In the beginning of February, be prepared for some heavy Tech action as a slew of workshops and competitions over a weekend put you in a state of Tech nirvana.
  • Institute Technical Summer Projects: Over the summers, several freshmen and seniors alike stay back in the Institute for some heavy-duty tech action. It is a platform for you to test your tech mettle and build uber-cool stuff you have always thought should exist. The Technical Council gives you everything you need to give wings to your dream ideas be it a Humanoid Robot or a Quadcoptor like in movie 3 Idiots. Anythings is possible!
  • Summer of Science: SoS is an initiative to help you explore those fields in science that you always wanted to learn, but couldn't, due to lack of proper guidance or resources.
    If you have an idea; anything ranging from particles to galaxies, from algebra to geometry, we’ll find you a mentor, with sufficient experience on the topic, to guide you on your quest, for the whole duration of summer. At the end of the summer, you can share your knowledge, via a report with the entire scientific community at IITB to learn from.
    As with most things MnP, curiosity and enthusiasm are the only pre-requisites.
  • Crime Scene Investigation: The Crime scene where you become the detectives. Show away your investigating skills in the forensics. This is your first encounter with biotechnological application!

Apart from these major events, several others keep going on throughout the year under the different technical clubs mentioned below. The clubs listed below come under the umbrella of the Institute Technical Council (ITC) called Students’ Technical Activities Body (STAB) earlier.

Aeromodelling Club

The Aeromodelling Club is a vibrant Community of aerospace enthusiasts who wish to incite a passion for flying and the science of flying in institute junta, and celebrate more than a century of mankind’s advances into the third dimension. By organising a plethora of events ranging from lectures to Workshops and Flying competitions, we hope to see more people understanding, and fascinated by, the wonders of flight.

To know more about us, visit our website http://stab-iitb.org/aeromodelling-club.

Biotech Club

The BioTech Club is a student organisation which through its events, workshops, talks and group discussion strives to increase in students the level of enthusiasm and knowledge for Biotechnology and bioengineering and therefore making a Community of bio-enthusiasts. We Aim to establish a link between Biology and Engineering, so that engineers could enjoy biology and contribute towards it.

To know more about us, visit our website http://stab-iitb.org/biotech/.

Electronics and Robotics Club

We are a student club of IIT-B who introduce all the new minds and beginners in IIT to the amazing world of Electronics and Robotics. We also provide a knowledge and resource sharing platform for enthusiastic student Community. If you have an idea and are not worried about getting your hands dirty, come to us. We provide whatever you need to help you fuel your imagination. It ain’t about what you know but about your will and guts to learn something new.

To know more about us, visit our website http://stab-iitb.org/erc/.

Energy Club

Energy is all around us, it’s everywhere, Ever wondered how your phone is powered all day? or what is it that makes electric cars so efficient? Ever wondered how you can manage your house power consumption, why there are so many types of batteries, how solar cells work, what are green buildings, how the energy policies affect us and the environment?

If you are an energy enthusiast or environment lover or just a curious being, the Energy club welcomes you. We discuss everything from climate to cars, from batteries to economics, from power to policies to possibilities. We conduct lectures, workshops, documentary screening and informal discussions on non-conventional technologies. Come, join us, the future is counting on you.

To know more about us, visit our website https://enclub.github.io/home/.

Krittika - The Astronomy Club

IIT Bombay’s focal point for amateur astronomers and stargazers, Krittika (ASTRONOMY CLUB, IIT BOMBAY), organizes weekly lectures on various domains of Astronomy, Astrophysics along with observation sessions, organizes observational trips to Observational sites and Planetariums which prove to be a once in a lifetime experience for many. The club boasts of a few telescopes which are used during the observations like comet sightings, messier marathons, etc.

To know more about us, visit our website http://stab-iitb.org/krittika/.

Math & Physics Club

The Maths and Physics Club of IIT Bombay, is a Community to celebrate the sciences we revere in their purest of forms, undiluted and in all their grandeur. We cater to stimulate your brains with the best intellectual events, quizzes, symposiums, lectures & to keep the streak of curiosity level with knowledge by introducing you to labs in and off the campus with exquisite research work and setting you off to build your own experimental setups, funded by us. The best fodder to develop oneself is a perseverant thought process, our fortnightly group discussion sessions (popularly abbreviated to GDs) and exclusive documentary screenings leave you with ancillary knowledge and questions to let in those science loving bees in your bonnet. And for those dulled by methodical cakewalk problems, we have a purely conceptual flagship quiz event, Bazinga!, followed by our very own Mathematics Olympiad and Logic General Championship to the delight of connoisseurs of pure reason.

All in all, we are a self-sustaining Community of intellectuals, students & professors, across ages and departments, who enjoy sharing knowledge through platforms provided by our club and if you talk Physics and Maths, there is no better place for you than the Maths and Physics Club, IIT Bombay.

To know more about us, visit our website http://mnp-club.github.io/.

WnCC - Web and Coding Club

Web and Coding Club is one of the biggest clubs of IIT Bombay. As a part of the Institute Technical Council, we aim to provide a gateway for the people in our institute to join the coding Community. We create a platform which allows students to gain assistance and mentorship to enhance their coding ability. Our aim is to propagate the enthusiasm for coding in the institute and especially amongst freshmen. We believe that every student here at IITB should have an opportunity to learn how to code and develop a passion for it. The secret of getting ahead is getting started and we aim to provide every student with the right start.

We conduct sessions and workshops, hold lectures and talks, and even host coding competitions and hackathons. There is something for everyone. Whether you want to learn, participate in hackathons and win big prizes, or prepare for the ACM-ICPC and GSoC, you can do it all here. We have a list of events planned up for the coming year. Keep watching this space to know more.

To know more about us, visit our website http://www.wncc-iitb.org/.

We also have an educational wiki, meant to help beginners get started with programming. It’s got a large number of tutorials, on various programming topics. All tutorials are hand-tailored by students of IIT Bombay. However, unlike conventional programming tutorials, these take a slightly different approach. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Grundy aims at bringing together a number of online tutorials and resources along with a set of pre-requisites and motivation to learn a programming skill. We also have exhaustive lists of our community resources, projects and GSoC recommendations.

Here’s a detailed summary about how the wiki was built.Check it out here

Tinkerers’ Lab

A tinkerer is one who enjoys experimenting with machines. If you are a tinkerer who loves to work, who wants limitless hands-on experience or is turned on by machines and technology, this lab is just the right place for you. Tinkerers’ Lab was established with the vision to provide hands on experience to help students become innovators so that creative ideas get converted into actual engineering products. It has been equipped with the latest workstations of electrical and mechanical tools including power mechanical machines, electronic test instruments, 3D modelling software,several basic electronic equipment etc. This Lab is open to all students of the Institute, irrespective of their discipline, and is accessible 24×7.

To know more about us, visit our website https://tinkerers-lab.org/.


Technovation is a unique Innovation Program at IIT Bombay. The term innovation derives from the Latin innovatio, "to renew or change" from (in- "into" + novus"new"). The program aims at providing you the platform to work on fascinating engineering projects, fully funded and mentored by senior students. It’s a unique opportunity for every innovative person out there to leave his mark on the technical scene. Have you ever wondered whether your school could have its own Marauder’s Map or have you felt the need for your very own Remembrall? Well we think it is indeed possible and we are working to make that possible. Technovation offers a wide range of challenging and innovation driven projects.Some of the past successful projects are Book Keeping Robot, Parinat (Humanoid).


Exofly is a group of specialized students from multiple disciplines working together as a technical team. ExoFly means Exoskeleton for flight. The team aims to foster the development of a safe, quiet, ultra-compact, near VTOL personal flying device, which is capable of flying 20 miles in one go. The device is designed to fly at an altitude of ~200 meters from the ground with a cruising speed of ~70 kmph, to accommodate a single person and function safely to fly at all locations all over the globe. The device ought to be lightweight and maneuverable enough with the goal that anybody can fly it around and quiet enough for user and the general population.


Unmesh Mashruwala Innovation Cell is a student run team comprised of tech enthusiasts who believe that innovation can help make the world a better place. UMIC is the only team in the insti to work on multiple fronts, from autonomous drones and driverless cars to robowars bots and all terrain vehicles.

UMIC represents IIT Bombay in various national and international competitions. In the past, we have won the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (USA, 2016), ASME Student Design Competition-World Finals (USA, 2017). We also won the best paper award in IARC (2018, China) and secured first position in ASME-SDC Asia-Pacific recently in 2019.

Currently, we have focused our attention on one of the most glittering topic of technological innovation i.e. using artificial intelligence for making fully autonomous car and drones! We are among the 11 top teams out of the original 256 to have received a Mahindra E2O car for Mahindra Rise Driverless Car Challenge. Apart from Rise, we are working on self flying drones for participating in Mission 8 of International Aerial Robotics Competition(IARC).

We look forward to having enthusiastic and smart working people in the team! The only prerequisite is the thirst for doing something that has never been done before!
Please visit our website http://www.umiciitb.com for more information.

Advitiy - The IIT Bombay Student Satellite (Previously, known as Pratham)

IIT Bombay can now boast of the rare privilege of being one of the very few universities world wide to have successfully launched its own satellite. Christened Pratham, being IIT Bombay's first foray into space technology, the satellite's payload was to produce data on the total electron count in the atmosphere, used for applications like GPS correction. Planned, designed, built and tested exclusively by the students, with guidance from Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and IITB faculty, the completely autonomous satellite Pratham took IIT Bombay into the elite space club on 26th September 2016, when it was launched by ISRO on board the PSLV C-35. The team has now begun the next chapter in the Student Satellite Project of IITB and work has begun on Advitiy, the second satellite. The team has also built an autonomous groundstation at IIT Bombay for tracking and communicating with satellites. With groundstation workshops, HAM Club and various other related activities, the Project also aims to involve other universities across India and spread the knowledge accumulated by the team over the years as a part of the social goal. The current teams looks forward to having curious, industrious and enthusiastic freshmen from the new batch join in the efforts on both Advitiy and the other satellites to be developed at the institute and also help achieve the social goal of the Project.

IIT Bombay Racing

The IIT Bombay Racing Team builds electric race cars that are the entries of the institute in international student competitions like Formula Student, a breeding ground for future race-car engineers, designers and managers. The event is held at the legendary Silverstone Formula 1 race circuit in the UK.The car they have built is not a beast, it's 400 V of sheer elegance, that goes 0-100 before you can finish saying 3.47 seconds. But do you have what it takes to make one which can make every previous car look like an old jalopy, to build an engineering marvel, a piece of art. Your dream to build a true engineer's car awaits you at IIT Bombay Racing!

You will get to learn technical skills with practical experience to boost your knowledge, in addition to that skills in marketing, sales and project management.
To know more about us, visit our website http://www.iitbracing.org!

Team Shunya

The team comprises of students from various disciplines like Energy, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Architecture with a vision to sustainably meet the growing demand and need for urban housing in India. The team participates in the Solar Decathlon competition, an international student competition that takes place every two years. The Solar Decathlon challenges 20 collegiate teams to design, build, and operate the most attractive, effective, and energy-efficient solar-powered house. The winner of the competition is the team that best blends affordability, consumer appeal, and design excellence with optimal energy production.

You can find more details at http://teamshunya.in/home.php

IIT-B Mars Rover Team

The IITB Mars Rover Team, a part of the Mars Society India (MSI), is a team of space enthusiasts looking to build space grade technologies for future manned missions to Mars. Our primary goal is to build a robust, all terrain and remotely operated rover for Martian exploration. We are a relatively young tech team, and have been working on rover prototypes for participation into URC (University Rover Challenge), an annual competition held in Utah, USA, since 2014. We are currently building a rover prototype (pic shown below) to perform all the necessary tasks on a Mars mission such as terrain traversing, astronaut assistance, autonomous navigation and soil sampling & analysis. Apart from this, our rover can have many earthly applications such as in agriculture and defence for unmanned surveillance.

Have a look at https://iitbmartian.github.io for further information and latest updates about the team.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

The team works towards participating at AUVSI Robosub Competition, which is held annually in July at San Diego, California. The competition is a platform for students to display their skills in underwater robotics and build a connection with industries working along similar verticals. The competition demands designing and manufacturing of an unmanned autonomous underwater vehicle that can perform predefined tasks. This draws upon expertise of the areas of engineering provided by multifaceted team.

To know more about us, visit our website http://www.auv-iitb.org/web/Home.php.

Inter College Festivals

There are a lot of local college festivals which are very accessible to freshman teams from the Institute. More details on these will be available through their specific website and through the STAB website. IIT Bombay also has a strong tradition of winning participation at Techfest. Some problem statements at Techfest are again very accessible to freshman. More details about these are available on the Techfest website and through various sessions held at both the hostel and institute level.

Where to Begin

Apart from Technical Orientation at the start of the year, most clubs and teams will have their individual orientations and beginner level events. Keep an eye out for posters on the Hostel Notice Boards. In addition all the clubs have dedicated web-pages, facebook pages and online discussion boards where activities are discussed in great detail. It would be a great idea to sign up for these. In addition feel free to contact the individual club conveners to help you out with your queries.

Most hostels also have Tech Rooms which are accessible through contact with Technical Secretary. Finally, some of the Institute labs may be made accessible for personal use after contacting the person in-charge.

Another great idea to stay in touch with Tech is to engage yourself in one of the various projects running through the Institute. Apart from these one can also float personal projects which can be coordinated with either UMIC or one of the hobby clubs depending upon the exact idea in question.

Note: Most of the newsgroups are Google groups and it would be a nice idea to sign up for a Google account if you don't have one yet. Here we have barely scratched the surface of the scope of Tech at IITB. More detailed information is readily available on the club web pages and newsgroups.



NSS IIT Bombay
How many times have you thought that you wish to give something back to society and country? How many times have you thought that I will surely start when the right time comes? Well, as they say, the best time to start was yesterday and the next best time is now! NSS IIT Bombay gives you an opportunity of contributing to Community service while the time you invest also contributes towards fulfilling your academic requirements.

What is NSS?
As part of NOCS01 and NOCS02 (Compulsory courses for passing out of IIT Bombay), you can opt for NSS, NSO or NCC. Thus NSS (National Service Scheme) becomes part of your curriculum during your first year where you invest your time for the betterment of society around you. NSS IIT Bombay is the largest volunteer group inside campus working in the field of Community service and has been working in various fields. Education of underprivileged kids, improving their lifestyle, maintaining the biodiversity, using engineering knowledge to improve the innovations by uneducated, sustainable development are a few of the areas.

NSS organises sessions on daily basis. First year students have the responsibilities like teaching school subjects and other extra curricular activities to the children, planting tree saplings for specific purposes and maintaining them, innovating different activities like how can we reuse the trash, making something useful from trash, surveying and suggesting improvements in innovations by grassroot innovators, meeting underprivileged people like construction workers, understanding their problems and working towards solving them, creating content for NSS YouTube channels (Open Learning Initiative -an initiative to make educational content available in regional language and Voice for Purpose - an initiative for making audiobooks available for visually challenged). These are just a few activities among the many activities you can participate.

First year students, when selected in NSS, are allotted a department inside NSS according to their preferences and the team guides them regarding all the activities. If you have never experienced the joy of giving and want to explore the ecstasy of doing something selflessly, this is the right place to invest your time in!

For more details, you may visit NSS IIT Bombay website or facebook page.


What distinguishes this college from many others & makes it renowned all over the world? It is our alumni who have achieved great heights in myriad fields and made a mark for themselves in this super-competitive world. But how do we effectively utilize this wealth of knowledge, success and fame that our alumni have achieved? That is where SARC comes in.

Student Alumni Relations Cell (SARC) is an organization run by the students of IIT Bombay. Unlike other student bodies, it is an Institute Body (which means that it is officially supported and formed by the college) which works with the Dean ACR Office & IITB Alumni Association. It is dedicated to strengthening the bond between students and alumni. SARC has been able to gather donations from our alumni for the last many years, which include scholarships, funds for construction and research, allowances for workers, and many other programmes!

SARC conducts several initiatives in its flagship event, Alumination, like Mock Interviews, Group Discussions, Speed Mentoring, Workshops, etc. which help students to interact with alumni in person & get both career & general life guidance. SARC has also launched Alumni Student Mentorship Program (ASMP), whose aim is to allot alumni mentors to students to help them make crucial life-changing decisions. Phonathon allows students to have one-on-one telephonic conversations with alumni. We conduct Reunions as well, where alumni revisit old memories and cherish their everlasting bonds. Anyone involved with SARC gets the golden chance of duologues with eminent and distinguished alumni like Nandan Nilekani, Jairam Ramesh, Pranav Mistry, Bhavish Aggarwal and several others. By executing alumni-driven initiatives for the benefit of students and enabling a mutually fruitful relationship between students and alumni, SARC volunteers get an insider’s view into the alumni’s world. Everyone is encouraged to be a member of the SARC family and get the invaluable experience of fraternizing with alumni and learning from them!

To know more visit us at:


As IITB’s official student media body, Insight connects you to things that matter in our large & fast-paced campus. Throughout your stay at IIT-B, there will be committees taking decisions that directly affect you, myriad events which might deeply interest you & opinions aired which could sharply provoke you. From new student rules, academic changes & irregularities, news pertaining to hostel life, placements, sports & cultural events, Insight not only covers it for the reader but also gives him/her a platform to voice their opinions. We critically examine institute policies & gauge their overall impact on students. Stories behind the effects of fresher isolation, skewed CPIs across departments, freedom of students in hostels and satisfaction quotients of our alumni in their jobs are are only some of the wide range of publications we bring to you every year. Insight is an important node of communication with the national media and is regularly cited in leading dailies. In collaboration with the Institute Cultural Council, we also provide video coverage of various events such as institute fests, interviews with professors/visiting dignitaries & documentaries on a multitude of issues via the video journalism body, the IIT-Bombay Broadcasting Channel (IIT-BBC). We publish and distribute print issues twice or more a semester & actively update our website (www.insightiitb.org) with fresh news as and when it happens. Apart from this, we also publish a special Freshers’ Newsletter every semester targeted specially at first-year students. You shall receive the first edition of Freshers’ Newsletter soon which covers fundae about insti life, the crucial decision that is branch change & spots to hang out in Mumbai. Watch out for the next edition, which will be hitting your doorsteps shortly. stay up-to-date with news in the Institute, you can also look us up on Facebook (www.facebook.com/insight.iitbombay).
Email: insight@iitb.ac.in


With the onset of puberty, one grows more conscious of the changes happening in their own body as well as their feelings towards others. Unlike others, some of us may not feel comfortable with the gender assigned to us at birth. Similarly, not everyone is attracted only to people of the opposite sex. Some labels commonly used by people to describe themselves are lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, transgender, intersex, and queer. Collectively, people who lie outside the typical gender identity and sexuality are known as the LGBTQ+ community. Being a minority, they feel alone, confused and excluded from the mainstream. They may also face discrimination and bullying on revealing their preferences. At IIT Bombay, however, no student needs to feel alone.

Saathi (‘companion’) at IIT Bombay is an LGBTQ+ support and resource group. We are committed to providing a community for LGBTQ+ individuals on campus. We organize events all through the year such as workshops, awareness days, movie screenings and informal meetups. Most of these events are open to all, irrespective of gender identity or sexual orientation. Even if you identify as straight (as many of our members do), these events will be a great place to know more about the community and learn how to be great allies and support your LGBTQ+ friends.

All our events are safe spaces wherein we even do not ask anyone their sexuality or gender identity. However, we understand that you may be apprehensive of your identity being disclosed outside the group. You can still get in touch with us via e-mail or Facebook. To remain up-to-date with our events and other information, join our Google group, look up ‘Saathi, IIT Bombay’ on Google Groups or send an email at saathi-iitb+subscribe@googlegroups.com. If required, you can also contact us on +91-7738452988, with your anonymity completely assured.

We invite you to be a part of Saathi, irrespective of your gender or orientation. We hope that your stay at IIT Bombay will be as bright and vibrant as the colours of the rainbow!


NCC IIT Bombay intends at developing patriotism, brotherhood and discipline in the cadets, thereby creating dynamic and visionary leaders of future India.
NCC IIT Bombay strives to fulfil the following aims:
  • Leadership qualities
    Create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life and be always available for the service of the nation.
  • Personality development
    Develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, the spirit of adventure, and ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country.
  • Motivation
    Provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the armed forces.

Mood Indigo

One of the many things that makes IIT Bombay stand out from other colleges across India is the scale of its cultural festival. Held in December every year, with a footfall of over 1.2 Lakh pouring in for more than 200 events- Mood Indigo or Mood I (as we lovingly call it) has become the largest college cultural festival in Asia! The ideology is to bring the entire world to one place, providing opportunities to all enthusiasts and making the 4 days the best days of the year for the audience and workforce alike! Mood I caters to the most talented students from 1600 colleges across the world through magnificent competitions and provides exposure to an unending list of international artists like Mike Portnoy, Porcupine Tree, Katatonia, Sander Van Doorn and Indian legends and Bollywood heartthrobs like Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Aamir Khan, Asha Bhosle, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Jagjit Singh etc. At Mood Indigo, you will see your ideas come to life, live the dream of handling professional artists, organize entire events and make the best friends for life- A must for your freshie year!

To know more about mood indigo please visit https://moodi.org/


Techfest welcomes you all to IIT Bombay! Techfest is Asia's largest annual science and technology festival. Started in 1998, with the motto of promoting science and technology, Techfest has surpassed 23 golden years of creating an unmatched aura of a science and technology spectacle year after year.

Attracting a footfall of more than 1,75,000 and with a reach of over 2500 national and 500 international colleges, Techfest provides an international platform to the youth to showcase their talents and expertise in fierce competitions, display cutting edge technology and research from all over the globe, as well as interact with world-renowned personalities like Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Jimmy Wales, Amartya Sen. The grandeur of the international night shows, along with its fun setups keep the spirit of the festive feel alive throughout the 3 days, and this is what makes it so different, so mighty.

Techfest also takes up numerous social initiatives throughout the year, which have been supported by the likes of Sonakshi Sinha, Arjun Kapoor, Prachi Desai, Taapsee Pannu, Yami Gautam, and many others.

Techfest is all about the concept of “One Team ”. You don’t need to be a tech enthusiast to be a part of the Techfest. Come and be a part of the integral Techfest family and, in the process, meet your idols, have fun, get your ideas implemented, create a global social impact, and make new lifelong friends.

To know more visit us at:

Entrepreneurship Cell

The Entrepreneurship Cell welcomes you to IIT Bombay, the institute which grooms some of the best Engineers and has contributed significantly to the creation of India's upcoming Silicon Valley. We have been consistently working towards enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem, both inside and outside IIT Bombay. Our aim is to encourage students to become frontline entrepreneurs and to provide the motivated ones with the resources they need to expand and thrive. Our motto - "creating job creators" is an apt characterisation of the work we strive to accomplish.

Our primary initiatives include:
  1. Entrepreneurship and Business (EnB) Club:
    IITB happens to be the best place to start your entrepreneurial journey, with a reliable and robust support system to back innovative and exciting ideas. With year-round events, workshops, competitions and speaker sessions, we provide a holistic environment to cultivate a startup. In addition, the EnB Club conducts a 'Startup Bootcamp', a platform to convert business ideas into startups and build them from scratch.
  2. Eureka!, Asia's largest B-Model Competition:
    An inventive and ingenious idea is hard to come by, and converting it into a startup is even tougher. The story of Archimedes, his principle and his phrase "Eureka!" is the perfect display of the excitement an entrepreneur has after getting an idea. We aim to groom potential ideas into startups by presenting them with valuable incentives like consulting, mentoring and cash prizes worth INR 4.5 million.
  3. The Entrepreneurship Summit:
    The annual flagship event of E-Cell is a two-day summit with a vision of creating a synergic environment encompassing visionary students, entrepreneurs, investors and other corporate people. Our past E-Summits were graced by the presence of big shots like Nandan Nilekani, Sachin Bansal, Allen Mamedi, Kiran Shaw, Adi Godrej, Adil Zainulbhai, Devdutt Pattanaik, Jim Beach and many more awe-inspiring personalities. While working in E-Cell, you can get an overview of the current entrepreneurial ecosystem, exposure to the corporate world and a chance to network with successful and great entrepreneurs. Most importantly, you get an opportunity to acquire leadership, team-work and time-management skills and learn from the best.
  4. National Entrepreneurship Challenge(NEC) :
    A comprehensive and nurturing ecosystem is necessary to prepare and guide startups to fruition. NEC aims at doing just that, by helping other colleges across the country develop their E-Cell from the grassroots level. With ever-expanding reach, we have cultivated more than 160 E-Cells in a short period. This initiative is the ideal stage to augment knowledge, acquire leadership skills and foster the entrepreneurial spirit.
To know more Visit us at


We can do no great things; only small things with great love. Rooted in the belief that, in a gentle way you can shake the world, Abhyuday is an initiative taken by the socially conscious students of IIT Bombay, looking to sensitize the youth regarding the problems plaguing our society. With our endeavours we aim to provide sustainable and practically feasible solutions to such challenges. Working for a social cause does not require an expertise or experience, it just requires a true intention to bring a change, and surprisingly though , for that you do not need to go out of your way, you can do your bit, by doing what you are best at. Our initiatives enable the volunteers to interact with various sections of the society and feel their problems, only to come back with a fire to change the way it is. Our two day Social-Festival, the largest organized by any student body in the country, focuses on fostering leadership and social impact. We organize a plethora of activities to bring the entire 360 degree view of the problem on the table. We, then move on to building solutions by connecting to various NGOs and enterprises. Apart from this, Abhyuday also works on building collaborations with like-minded organizations such as Satyamev Jayate & The Gates Foundation. At Abhyuday, IIT Bombay you can see your ideas to change the society get a platform. An opportunity to interact one on one with the leaders of today, who have brought a change upon us, will help you develop all the necessary skills a future leader needs to have. Anyone can join Abhyuday, IIT Bombay - only pre-requisite is the passion to bring about a positive change in our society!

To know more about Abhyuday, do visit https://www.facebook.com/abhyuday.iitb/