Campus Life

This website has been made to introduce incoming freshers to life at IIT Bombay. Explore this website and use it to make an informed choice about your college and department. The Student Mentor Program has set up this website. We have addressed almost all the important questions on this website, but it might not cover them all. Please feel free to post any query on the Query Portal. Have fun!


So once you come to IITB, your address will read something like this:

Room # ___, Hostel __
IIT Bombay, Powai
Mumbai — 400076

Hostel life at IIT Bombay is quite an integral part of your stay here. Although for some of you, it might seem a little difficult to adjust to at first, you will soon fall in love with your new home. You can find some more information in the section on Hostels.

As the hostels are within the campus, your entire life will be usually contained in the campus itself with the occasional outings in search of good food or for treats. Consequently, the campus is well fitted to address all of your needs, be it your daily necessities or your health. We also have a couple of guesthouses which you can avail of (probably) in case you have someone coming over to visit.

We hope these pages answer some of your questions and give you a basic picture of the hostel life. We look forward to having you amongst us and hope that you look forward to it too.

For more information, you can contact:

Mohd. Zakir Hussain
General Secretary, Hostel Affairs (GSHA)
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Here is a video showing the beautiful campus of our Institute

In & Around the Campus

Throughout your course here in IITB you might need various stuff from everyday items like toothpaste and soap to books for subjects. Oftentimes you would also want to detach yourself from your hectic schedule and go visit a restaurant or watch a movie. It is therefore a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various shops and places within the campus and outside it.

Stationery and Xerox

Every Hostel has a xerox shop which is normally well equipped to handle basic stationery needs. If you don’t find something in your own hostel, you should most probably find it in the neighbouring hostel. Hostel 8 and Hostel 12 shops are best stocked, in that regard. Most hostel xerox shops start at around 10 am and close by 9 pm. Hostel 5 shop is open till a little later (10 pm), while the Hostel 8 shop is the first to open in the morning (8 am). If you are closer to the academic area, you can visit the shop in the Main Building on the ground floor, right opposite the library for notebooks, lab coats, bags, lab files, xerox, print out, and most other stationery items. During midsems and endsems, xerox shop timings for some hostels are extended.


For buying books, we have a shop called Book World on campus on the ground floor of the Gulmohar Building where you can get discounts on course-related books. Alternatively, you could go to “Popular Book Store” at YP Gate. You can also buy second-hand books from the Jay Ambe bookshop in the lane right opposite Main Gate, next to Mahavir. He also accepts books back at the end of the semester at half the price at which they were bought.

Daily needs

For the most basic of amenities such as toothpaste, toothbrush, pens, soaps, and other such items (which one should use daily), one can go to the hostel Xerox shop itself. Another alternative would be the Hostel 12 shop which stocks almost everything one would need and more- from slippers to stationery to biscuits and towels, with servings of Computer RAM and MP3 Players on the side. One can also go to Haiko or D-Mart in the Hiranandani Complex for these. Alternatively, the shopping complex at the Y-Point Gate can also take care of most of your needs. The YP market has a post office, a dry cleaner and a tailor as well, just in case.

Cellphone connections and credit

Sim card stalls of different operators are set up in the campus during the first week of the academic year. It is also a good idea to check out all the schemes available for different connections before settling on a cellphone service provider. Otherwise Airtel and Vodafone connections are easily available at Main Gate. Reliance has a store in Hiranandani near Subway. Vodafone has a store near the Delphi Building (next to the Cafe Coffee Day outlet). In case of prepaid connections, you need to submit a photo ID card and documents to prove that your address is what you have written in the form. If you do not do it within 2-3 days of buying the SIM, it will be disconnected. If you need passport sized photos for any forms (you should always keep some handy) you can go to the Navrang Photo Studio (Galleria) or the one right opposite Main Gate and get them clicked. For recharging your cell phone credit account you can visit your hostel shop. H3, H8 and H12 in particular have shops where you can get almost all kinds of top-ups or recharge cards. Alternatively, if you have a debit card, you could also recharge your account online.

Banks and ATMs

Two major banks operate inside IITB: Canara Bank and SBI. The Canara bank branch is located on the first floor of the Gulmohar building. There are two Canara bank ATMs inside the campus. One is located on the ground floor of the Gulmohar building, while the other is located opposite hostel 7. There are two SBI ATMs as well. One is located between Hostel 5 and Tansa, while the other is right outside the main gate. On the orientation day, both banks set up temporary stalls in the lecture hall complex to ensure a smooth and hassle-free opening of accounts. Debit cards are provided on the spot as well.

Restaurants and Eateries

  1. Hostel Canteens: Every hostel has its own canteen, which is for most people, the go-to place for inexpensive food. Whether for a quick meal, a refreshing soft drink or a coffee when you’re up studying late, hostel canteens are the way to go! Hostel 12 offers a night canteen, with some excellent food.
  2. Eateries within the institute:
    1. Brews and Bites: Located in Hostel-8, it is popular for its pizzas, frappes and pastries among other things. Campus Hub (022-6490 9044) and Brewberrys (022-64642090) also offer hostel delivery.
    2. Gulmohar Restaurant and Café: Tasty food, reasonable prices and right-next-door!
    3. Academic area: The KReSIT canteen is popular for a quick samosa-chai. Besides this, several departments have canteens of their own, like the Electrical, Civil and Chemical Engineering Buildings. There is also a staff canteen located next to the library.
    4. Laxmi: Vegetarian restaurant right outside the Main Gate.
  3. Hiranandani: The posh neighborhood of Hiranandani located just down the road from IIT-B offers a plethora of options for eating out. When on a budget, head to the Galleria food court. KFC, MOD, Subway, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Starbucks – you name it, it’s here. Several fine-dining restaurants are also there for you to explore. Head over to Naturals, Baskin Robbins, Theobroma, Cocoberry or Haagen Dazs for dessert.
Mumbai offers plenty to the enthusiastic foodie, there are several great places to eat out. Best explored on your own, though we’ll get you started with some names: Barbeque Nation, Café Madras, Pizza By the Bay and Bademiya are well worth visiting.

Doorstep Delivery

Square Pizza : 022-3312 6250
Subway : 022-25700034
Laxmi : 022-25770171
Monginis : 022-25788257
Faaso's : 022-30932023

For almost anything else, you always have Justdial! Just call 08888888888 and state your request. Feel free to explore Zomato and NearFox for recommendations for food and travel!


  1. Cinema: Want to catch a movie on the big screen? There are several cinema halls nearby like PVR(Nirmal Lifestyle, Mulund), Cinepolis(Neptune Magnet Mall, Bhandup), Inox(R-City Mall, Ghatkopar) and Carnival Huma(Kanjurmarg).
  2. Sports: Catch the spectacle Indian Cricket Team or Mumbai Indians playing at the Wankhede. Besides cricket, almost every sport has a regional team in Mumbai, including football, hockey, kho-kho and volleyball. Head to the stadium to catch the action live!
  3. Theatre and Music: Mumbai has a vibrant theatre and music culture. For plays, Prithvi is the place to be, and it offers discounts for students on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Keep your eyes and ears open for the next big event, and you may just be able to catch the next Coldplay concert.
  4. Theme Parks: In Mumbai, there are a number of good amusement and water parks such as Water Kingdom, Snow World and Essel World. Adlabs Imagica and AquaMagica may be a little further away and more expensive than the others, but they rank among the best theme parks in the country.
  5. Gaming Arcades: Several malls have arcade gaming zones and bowling like the R-City Mall, Ghatkopar. Hakone(Hiranandani) offers opportunities for Go-Karting and Paintball.
  6. Shopping: There are a number of malls in Mumbai, big and small, where you can buy just about any brands you may want. Dadar, CST and Bandra are great places for some value-for-money shopping.
  7. Trekking and Nature: Join a trek with the Adventure Club! For relaxing in nature, check out the Karnala bird sanctuary (beyond Panvel) and the Sanjay Gandhi National Park(Borivali)
  8. Sightseeing in Mumbai: Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Haji Ali, Elephanta Caves – just a few of the many things to see in Mumbai. Otherwise you can take the evening off, and watch the sunset at the beach while sipping naariyal paani.
A certain obscure site called BookMyShow sells tickets to just about any event you may want to attend.

Public Transport @ IITB

  1. Cycling: One may say that they are a popular mode of transportation considering the number of cycles parked outside the hostels. However, their frequency of use often decays exponentially. But it is entirely up to you! Cycling is a quick, eco-friendly and fun way to get from point to point in the institute. Remember that maintenance of your cycle is crucial, especially in Mumbai’s rainy weather. There are two cycle repair shops on campus, one at the Market Gate and the other next to H5. A sturdy lock is also a good investment.
  2. Walking: Alumni often reminisce about the good times they had walking to the lecture halls, amongst good company and pristine greenery. It may not always be possible, but when you have the luxury of time, make the most of it!
  3. Auto-rickshaws: Auto-rickshaws are fairly common in the institute and are used for traveling both within and outside the institute. There have been issues of rickshaws refusing to go to destinations outside, though there have been measures taken to curb this.
  4. Taxis: Whether while traveling in a group, or when needing a drop to the airport, Uber and Ola have made traveling in comfort easy and economical.

Hostel Culture

Hostel Allocation

Room allotment for first year students are done in following manner :

For Boys - They will be allotted 2 wings of hostel 15 and a wing in hostel 16. On each floor, there are three subsections (also called wings!) - each wing has 6 rooms, each of which will be shared by 2 students.
For Girls - A separate wing of Hostel 15 (Hostel 15 C) is allotted to girls, again on a twin sharing basis.

You get the room right when you reach IIT Bombay (on the day of registrations i.e. July 26, 2019), as well as in the hostel warden’s office.

Basic Amenities

Each room has a pair of beds, tables, chairs, ceiling fans, tube lights, cupboards and are equipped with 24x7 high speed internet connectivity. There are 2 washrooms per 6 rooms with 24x7 running water (both hot and cold). Each Hostel has a mess (dining hall), a computer room, a gym, a TV, sports grounds and indoor games like Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, the equipment for which can be availed against your ID Card. Also, stationery and xerox shops are present in Hostel 15 and 16 for fulfilling basic requirements.

Hostel/Room Change

The procedure of shifting rooms basically goes through the warden of the hostel through a written application citing the reasons for the change. It will be a great experience to have a new guy as a roommate which will eventually help you in making new friends which you'll cherish for your life. Though, definitely if both of you agree, it will make things easier.

Rules for visitors

Parents are not allowed to stay in the hostels without prior permission from the Hostel Coordinating Unit. Till 10 PM, female visitors to boys hostels and boys wings in Hostel 15 and male visitors to girls hostel and girls wing in Hostel 15 are allowed after entering details in a register kept with the security at the hostel entrance and after depositing the host's I-Card. After 10PM, entry is restricted only to the common areas — Mess, Lounge and Canteen.

Hostel Activities

There are a plethora of activities that go around in the hostel which makes life fun. Lot of intra hostel events and competitions (among your hostel inmates) or practice for inter hostel (with other hostels) competitions in sports and cultural activities take place all year round. Also, a variety of festivals like Lohri, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Janmashtami, Dussehra, Diwali etc. are celebrated in the hostels, along with flag hoisting on Republic Day and Independence Day, keeping the atmosphere in the hostels vibrant and full of life all year round. Do participate in whatever interests you, of course after having devoted enough time to academics. It helps in breaking the ice and socializing with your batchmates and seniors.

Hostel Council

The hostel council is divided into Cultural (Cult), Maintenance (Maint), Mess and Sports. Each of these councils is headed by Hostel Councillors (or Cos - generally third year students or thirdies) with Hostel Secretaries (Secys - second year students or sophies) assisting them in the administration of the hostels. All cultural programs and activities are the responsibility of the Cult Council; likewise all sports events are managed by the Sports Council. The Mess Council looks after mess and canteen while the Maint Council ensures proper working of the common areas and the hostel maintenance. All the councils are supervised by the Hostel General Secretary (GSec - a fourthie or fifthie = big daddies). To oversee hostel funds and the Student Council, every hostel has a Hall Manager and a Warden and to assist them, there are Warden Nominees. Every hostel also has an Alumni Secretary to maintain cordial relations with the hostel alumni. Computer Secretary (Comp Secy) takes care of the Computer Room and Internet connection problems while Technical Secretary (Tech Secy) manages the Technical Events at hostel and institute level. More details on the specific functions of each council member would be conveyed to you once you reach here

Hostel Spirit and Wing Culture

This is perhaps the best part of the whole deal. With time, all inmates become the part of one big family. For nothing else but the sense of belonging, you are expected to support and cheer for your hostel and other inmates in inter hostel events (this includes hooting for your hostel during the freshman orientation programmes for various clubs, of which you will come to know in due time :P). Blocks of some 10-15 rooms constitute a wing in each hostel and your wingmates (wingies) will be your immediate support group in more ways than one. We cherish the time we have spent with our wingies and we hope you do so too. Your wingies might be people from very diverse backgrounds but do not let that hinder interaction in any way. In fact, use it to your advantage. You would go with your wingies on intra hostel volley and cricket matches, treats (birthdays, crack acads, mentor's placement et al), treks, tours, hang-outs etc all the time. At the same time, socialize with other hostelers - batchmates and seniors alike - all the time. Also, ragging, simply, is a strict no no! Strict actions (expulsion from IITB) are taken against those found guilty


We at IIT Bombay like to do things differently and we even have small language “Mods” called the IITB Lingo. Here is a list (albeit not an exhaustive one) of the slanguage used at IITB, that would help you to get started and not feel alienated in the campus. With time though, this language would seem very natural

Arbit - /ar-bit/ - adj - Short for arbitrary. Something you say when you can’t think of anything else to say.
Bandi - /bun-dee/ noun - A word used for all girls, which is generally a rare species in IITB
Chamka - chum-ka/ - verb - Used to specify understanding anything be it a new word, a joke or any abstract concept
Craxxxx - /craks-ks-ks-ks-ks-ks/ - verb - Any achievement (Big or Small) is the activity of “Craxx”. In text, the number of suffix x’s denote the level of achievement
DAC - /dack/ - noun - Disciplinary Action Committee. Something that you don’t want, it’s a committee to decide the punishment for a person who breaks the rules.
Dadda - /dudd-AA/ - noun - Dual Degree students
Daya - /the-YA also the-YAAAAAA/ - adj. – (Something that can not easily be explained) A Substitute for any term/action with a negative/positive connotation you might/might not want to use. Eg. “Kya daya aadmi hai!”, “Kya daya kar raha hai!”, “Dayaaaaaaaa!”
Ditch - /d-ich/ - excl. – Like the literal meaning, it signifies dropping the old plan (and starting to work on a new one!)
DoSA - /dosa/ - noun - Dean of Student Affairs. (Almost) Everything under the sun comes under his discretion.
enthu - /enthu/ - verb - One of the Most famous words of IITB Lingo - Enthusiastic. Eg "Kaun hai enthu"
Fart - /fART/ - noun, verb, adj. excl. – One word which we are unable to define, simply because of the fact that it has so many different meanings (It is rumoured that the word is the topic for a PhD thesis). We stop at giving you the most common way it is used – “Kya fart hai!”
Farra - /fu’r-rah/ - noun. – FR. A grade you totally, desperately, insanely want to avoid
Fight - /fite/ - verb, also noun - Inspired from its literal sense - To try very hard for something. Eg "Bahut fight hai" "Fight maar. Give up mat maar."
Freshie - /fresh-ee/ - noun - First Year student.
Funda(e) - /fund-aa OR fund-ay/ - noun -Very important tricks of the trade, usually passed on from the seniors to the juniors
God - /gawd/ - adj. - as in Tu God hai (meaning, you are awesome, or you are The One)
Infi - /in-fee/ - adjective - This word is used INFI (Okay, this is meta now :P) - Short for infinite. An overused prefix. e.g. infidayamax. (See infinite, daya, -max)
insti - /in-stee/ - noun – Our Beloved Institute <3 . Yes, this one.
junta - /jun-taa/ - noun - You want to address a group of people and don’t know how? No issues - call them junta (Fun Fact - Even some profs do :P )
Kat - /cut/ - verb - Lose out (esp. sarcastic usage). E.g. "Kat raha hai be" "Kat le!"
Liby - /lie-bee/ - noun – The Library. A source of knowledge, wisdom and cool air(Very important in the summers).
Lukkha - /look-kha/ - verb – To do some time-pass that takes you somewhere. Anywhere. On second thoughts, even nowhere. Especially Nowhere!
Macha - /Much-AA/ - excla. - often followed by any number of x’s (as in “MACHAXX!”, “MACHAXXXX!”, “MACHAXXXXXXXXX!”) – to infinitely crack something (See infinite. See craxx)
Matka - /mutt-kaa/ - noun - MTech student (also, matki) or for any generaal PG (see Generaal). Not to be confused with dadda or daddi (See dadda)
Max - /maex/ - adj. - suff. - also, maxx or maxxxx, superlative degree of anything, as in "CRACKMAXX!"
mug - /mug/ - verb – To study or to pretend to study :P
nightout - /nie-tout/ - noun – A very intuitive word - avoiding sleep throughout a night in a bid to mug, watch a movie, or for nothing in particular. Lukkha is often cited as both the cause and effect of nightouts
PAF - /pahf/ - noun - Short for Performing Arts Festival - A festival where all students put in huge amounts of effort for enacting plays (including making the sets themselves). Very widely known as “PAF GOD Hota hai” (See God)
Pain - /payn/ - noun - Anything bad (Literally anything) - Something that makes you give-up (See give-up)
Polt - /polt/ - noun - Politics. Also, poltu.
RG - /ar-jee/ - noun - Short for ‘One who tries to improve his grades, taking unjust advantage of ‘Relative Grading’
SAC - /sack/ - noun - Student Activity Center
Scope - /sko-p/ - excl. - A very counter intuitive word (No one knows how it got adopted in the lingo) - No chance in hell!
Sophie - /so-fee/ - noun - Sophomore or Second Year student.
Sorry rahega - jury still out on it being a verb or noun, it means something will not get done. Used stand alone or in conjunction with "nahi ho payega"
Valfi - /val-fee/ - noun - Valedictory Function. A time in April when the beans are spilled on each and everyone passing out.
YP - /why-pee/ - noun - Nothing to do with calls of nature. It’s actually short for the Y-Point gate. Your one-stop solution for everything from stationery, books, bicycles to hair-cuts

Internet Usage in IIT Bombay

“There’s life without the Internet? Really? Send me the link.”

The Internet is one of the first things you want to get sorted out once you are on campus, be it to upload your stories on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, or to get your lecture notes and books, and get down to studying. So how and where can I access the Internet? Hostel LAN Access The most preferred option. All hostel rooms have a LAN Port which you can use to connect to the IIT Bombay network and to the Internet, provided you have a computer. Just hook your computer up to the LAN port with a cable, and you should be connected to the network. Once that’s done, there are two ways to access the Internet.

Proxyless Access(recommended)

Go to, log in your LDAP ID(roll number) and password, and you're good to go.
For more details, please visit

Other Hostel Facilities

You can use the Hostel Computer Room for accessing the Internet. The Hostel Xerox shop owner also sometimes lets you surf the Internet for a small fee. Check with the respective shopkeeper for details.

OSL (Old Software Lab)

The CS101 course labs will be held here. Apart from the few hours per week that you get as part of your lab timings, this lab is not accessible. It also closes after the last running lab course and is not accessible 24x7. Your lab timings would be just enough for you to finish your lab assignments. You will rarely have time to do anything apart from your CS assignment in the OSL.

Department Software Labs

Depending on which department you're in, you may have access to a mediocre to excellent computer lab facility. The NSL (New Software Lab) is the department lab of the Department of CSE. It is accessible 24X7 and is WiFi enabled. The Department of Mechanical Engineering also has a Software Lab that is accessible to all its students any time of the day or night. The Department labs are very good places to study as they are air-conditioned and quiet. Depending on your department, you may or may not have a WiFi network accessible to students. Some departments either have too few computers or irregular lab timings. So this option may not work for you if you happen to be among the unlucky ones. This option also has the disadvantage of being far away from campus


The entire library complex is WiFi enabled. There are also a few PCs distributed across the library. These are, however, intended to be used to look for books and you should refrain from using them for other purposes.

WiFi Access

The Library, and the classrooms in the Lecture Hall Complex(LHs, LCs and LTs) are wifi enabled. Just turn on your WiFi and connect to IITB-Wireless or eduroam with your LDAP ID and password. Your device may also have an anonymous identity field while connecting, which can be left blank. The IITB-Guest WiFi is meant for short term visitors, and will also require LDAP authentication through a separate portal.

For Configuration Settings, follow this link :

Support Available

support available

Faculty Advisor

Faculty Advisors (FacAd), as the name suggests, are professors from your respective departments, who will help you out in making academic decisions. FacAds keep track of your progress and will guide you properly. Each semester, the courses you take will be finalized only with the consent of the FacAds. Changes in the program, such as dropping of courses, withdrawal from a semester on medical advice etc., can be affected only with the consent of the FacAd. As you grow older in the IIT system, you might have to make some tough decisions regarding coursework and programs in order to choose a career path suitable to your interests. If you intend to change your branch/specialization after the 1st year, your FacAd is the right person to approach. You may also have to seek the FacAd's permission to participate in inter-collegiate competitions. FacAd is an important link between you and your department. Do not hesitate to talk to them regarding any academic issues.


Worried about what to do if you get sick while you’re in IIT-B? You don’t need to at all. The great thing about IIT-B is that it has a hospital inside the campus which will take care of almost all common medical problems you might face. To understand more about how the healthcare works at IIT, click here:

How do I enroll for medical facilities?
You are eligible for medical facilities as soon as you are admitted to IIT-B. As you get admitted, you are required to fill in your medical details in a booklet and get yourself vaccinated against certain diseases (I’ll mention about these later). The IIT-B hospital (or “hospi” as we call it here) maintains a medical file for each student to document all of their consultations, prescriptions and medical history. Every time you visit the hospital, you will need this file. In case you choose to keep it with you at your room (which is alright too) don't forget to bring it along.

What to do if I fall sick or have a medical emergency?
There is a 24/7 ambulance facility available for all students. For calling an ambulance you can call 1110 from any internal phone. One is placed at the security guard’s desk in every hostel. If you are not in an emergency, you will be required to visit a GP based on a token system or through appointments. Based on their medical evaluation you will be recommended to a specialist if need be.

How expensive is the treatment?
All of the medical facilities including prescription medicines are free for IIT students, covered by the annual insurance that you pay with the fees in the odd (Autumn) semester. This insurance also covers you for an amount of close to Rs 50,000 in medical expenses in case you need to be referred to an outside hospital. Even the cost of medicines purchased from a chemist and charges for lab tests can be reimbursed when prescribed by a doctor from the IIT hospital (or from a hospital recognised by IIT - the list of which can be found at

What facilities are available at the hospital?
  1. OPD in the hospital that runs from 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays and till 1 pm on weekends
  2. The Emergency Ward handles medical cases outside these hours.
  3. Pathology and X-Ray facilities
  4. There is also a facility for Physiotherapy to deal with fractures and other such ailments.
If an MRI or CT scan is required, the IIT hospital refers you to the nearby Hiranandani Hospital (HN) which is less than a kilometer away. Specialist doctors from HN hospital visit the IIT hospital on an appointment basis. For cases that the IIT hospital is not equipped cannot handle, patients are transferred to the HN hospital.

What if I lose classes or exams because I am sick?
If you fall sick and are advised to rest by the doctor and hence cannot attend lectures or write examinations, the doctor will give you a "pink slip". This slip is the only trusted proof that you were sick and advised rest. In case you missed an end semester exam, you will be given an II grade. This means that you are eligible for a re-examination. Presenting the pink slip to your professor will let him allow you to take the exam again. This system is unremittingly strict and a recommendation from any other doctor or hospital will simply not do.

What vaccinations do I need?
There are 4 vaccines which you need to be administered with during your stay here. These are :
  1. MMR
  2. Typhoid
  3. Hepatitis A
  4. Chicken Pox
You can either get them administered from your local doctor in your hometown. In this case you need to show a certificate of vaccination of the same when you fill the medical booklet. If you were unable to get the vaccines, the IITB Hospital arranges a vaccination camp once every month in the Autumn ( Odd ) semester (July - November) where you can get yourself vaccinated. These vaccine costs are not covered in your medical treatment costs. Important Links:

If the above information was unable to clear your doubts and you still have queries you can visit the links below for more information:

IIT-B Hospital website can be found here
Hospital Guidebook can be found here

Hospital Contact Card:

IIT Hospital,
IIT Bombay,
Powai, Mumbai,
Pincode - 400076,
Tel : 25767051 / 53

To know more about Hospital, visit


The Quick Response Team deals with issues where students feel that immediate/urgent intervention is needed or the involvement of additional security is required. If you encounter such a situation then you can reach out to QRT using the following helpline numbers: 9167398598, 9167398599

To know more about the security guidelines at IIT Bombay or contact QRT, visit


Being away from home and taking on new responsibilities can sometimes be overwhelming. It is at such times that we require someone to guide us. The Student Wellness Centre consists of counselors who provide one-on-one meetings to students. Students are helped to explore and express feelings, reflect on patterns of behavior, and work toward making healthier changes.

For more details, visit

SC/ST Cell

The SC/ST Students Cell addresses academic and non-academic issues and complaints received from students in reserved categories. The institute strives to maintain an environment where all communities can participate in academic and research activities without any sort of discrimination with respect to caste or creed. In order to maintain such an atmosphere, the SC/ST students cell is responsible for sensitizing the campus community about the importance of having diversity.

Student-victims are free to write to this email: In addition to by email, one can also consider filing an anonymous complaint at the website:

Gender Cell

The Gender Cell works proactively towards developing a safe and secure environment for employees, and to ensure that all students may gain their education without fear of prejudice, gender bias, hostility or sexual harassment. The IIT Bombay Gender Cell (GC) inquires into complaints of sexual harassment through its Internal Complaints Committee (GC-ICC).

Find more details here.


With the onset of puberty, one grows more conscious of the changes happening in their own body as well as their feelings towards others. Unlike others, some of us may not feel comfortable with the gender assigned to us at birth. Similarly, not everyone is attracted only to people of the opposite sex.

Some labels commonly used by people to describe themselves are lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, transgender, intersex, and queer. Collectively, people who lie outside the typical gender identity and sexuality are known as the LGBTQ+ community. Being a minority, they feel alone, confused and excluded from the mainstream. They may also face discrimination and bullying on revealing their preferences. At IIT Bombay, however, no student needs to feel alone.

Saathi (‘companion’) at IIT Bombay is an LGBTQ+ support and resource group. We are committed to providing a community for LGBTQ+ individuals on campus. We organize events all through the year such as workshops, awareness days, movie screenings and informal meetups. Most of these events are open to all, irrespective of gender identity or sexual orientation. Even if you identify as straight (as many of our members do), these events will be a great place to know more about the community and learn how to be great allies and support your LGBTQ+ friends.

All our events are safe spaces wherein we even do not ask anyone their sexuality or gender identity. However, we understand that you may be apprehensive of your identity being disclosed outside the group. You can still get in touch with us via e-mail or Facebook. To remain up-to-date with our events and other information, join our Google group, look up ‘Saathi, IIT Bombay’ on Google Groups or send an email at If required, you can also contact us on +91-7738452988, with your anonymity completely assured.

We invite you to be a part of Saathi, irrespective of your gender or orientation. We hope that your stay at IIT Bombay will be as bright and vibrant as the colours of the rainbow!