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This website has been made to introduce incoming freshers to life at IIT Bombay. Explore this website and use it to make an informed choice about your college and department. The Student Mentor Program has set up this website. We have addressed almost all the important questions on this website, but it might not cover them all. Please feel free to post any query on the Query Portal. Have fun!

Our Objective

Student Mentor Programme (SMP), is a programme within the IIT Bombay Student Community, with the primary objective of
  • Enabling constructive and positive interaction, guidance and mentorship of junior students by senior students.
  • Providing a reliable and comprehensive support system from within and for the student community to motivate students to excel in both academic and non-academic fields and to make the most of their life at IIT Bombay


Mentoring is a particular form of relationship designed to provide personal and professional support to an individual. The mentor is generally more experienced than the mentee and makes use of that experience in a facilitative way to support the development of the mentee. The mentoring relationship provides a developmental opportunity for both parties and can thus be of mutual benefit. In a nutshell, a student mentor's role may be perceived to be facilitative, supportive and developmental for the student community in general and the first year students in particular.

How is the program implemented

SMP has three wings: ISMP, DAMP and ELP. The Institute Student Mentor Programme (ISMP) aims at developing a smooth transition to campus life for every new entrant to an academic program at IIT Bombay. Department Academic Mentor Program (DAMP), is active across all departments at IITB, with the primary aim of helping out students who are underperforming academically. English Learning Program(ELP) is a program to help students facing problems with english language.


The Institute Student Mentor Program (ISMP) is a program within the student community which primarily deals with first year undergraduate students. The senior students, called Institute Student Mentors (ISMs) are responsible for helping a set of 6-12 first years adjust to the new environment and subsequently monitor their progress throughout the year. Mentors help solve students academic and personal problems while on campus, and guide them through the first year of college life away from campus.

English Learning Program

The English language has become as staple as food or air in the twenty-first century. Knowing the English language opens opportunities at the international level and helps easier social integration in the global circle. Not just that, English is the medium of instruction and examinations at IIT Bombay - hence it is all the more important to be able to understand the language. The English Learning Program, brought to you by the Student Mentor Program, aims to help you with your English learning aspirations. It runs mainly in two programs, British Council Program and English Language Improvement Training. (About British Council)


This program is specifically designed for freshmen wherein professional instructors from the British Council take sessions for English training throughout the year. These sessions involve a plethora of interactive activities which develop primary skills associated with an overall command of the language- like speaking, writing and reading. Students who need special English support for the purposes of integrating well in academics and social life on campus are identified for the program via an English placement test. After the batch is selected, this program runs similar to a course, with a set curriculum conducted by experienced English instructors. It acts as an important step in ensuring a smooth transition to campus life and academics for freshmen, and similar to any course, it is most effective when a student is engaged and attending regularly.


108 Institute Student Mentors and 287 Department Academic Mentors make up the Student Mentor Program team at IIT Bombay

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