What is IDC all about?

IDC, Industrial Design Center, one of the first design schools in the country is aimed at addressing the unmet needs of an under-privileged population. Design is a field that requires both creativity and logic, to create unique solutions.

What kind of courses do you have to do?

B.Des Programme: A course that introduces fresh students to the field of design as a whole. Giving them opportunities to learn fundamentals and work with many different areas.

Minor courses offered for B.Tech and M.Tech students, include a few introductory courses, a set of courses that offer an overview of the specializations at IDC, and additional courses that faculty may want to offer.

In addition, students may want to take up a studio project with any faculty who are interested in offering a semester-long project. In case the same student want to continue further, he/she can continue to the next semester with studio project II.

The objective in offering these courses is to provide an exposure in design to students of technology and bringing about a better awareness towards design in the long run.

It is also likely that a few of the engineering students who have earned a minor in design, may choose to undertake further studies at IDC.

Core specializations

Industrial Design: dealing with solutions right from individual products to entire systems that can be produced by the industry today using current methods and processes.

Communication Design: creating communication solutions with niche specializations in areas such as typography, information visualization, interactive mediums, video/ film making, exhibition spaces, animation, story-telling, wayfinding/ signage systems, photography, visual identities etc.

Animation: covers all aspects of film making, right from concepts to drawing, shooting, sound and music techniques, character development, storyboarding, animatics, animation to editing.

Interaction Design: focuses on interactive media, mobile communication through applications, interfaces for software, interactive gaming and learning applications.

Mobility & Vehicle Design: Specifically involving new solutions to address mobility in current and future contexts.

What after you are a Designer!

Career paths in Design are varied and can be very unique. Graduates entering the industry may join design studios, under larger companies or as independent consultants. Designers may choose to be self-employed, work freelance or start their own companies. Designers also work with NGOs in addressing a wide range of basic problems. Paths in Research and Education are options as well.