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Student Mentor Program

An initiative by seniors with support from the Dean Academic Programs, IIT Bombay

Our Objective

Student Mentor Program, (SMP) is a Program within the IIT Bombay Student Community, with the primary objective of enabling constructive and positive interaction, guidance and mentorship of junior students by senior students.

What is SMP?

Mentoring is a particular form of relationship designed to provide personal and professional support to an individual. The mentor is generally more experienced than the mentee and makes use of that experience in a facilitative way to support the development of the mentee. The mentoring relationship provides a developmental opportunity for both parties and can thus be of mutual benefit. In a nutshell, a student mentor's role may be perceived to be facilitative, supportive and developmental for the student Community in general and the first year students in particular.

How is this Program implemented?

SMP has two wings: ISMP and D-AMP. The Institute Student Mentorship Program, (ISMP) aims at developing a smooth transition to campus life for every new entrant to an academic Program at IIT Bombay. Department Academic Mentorship Program, (D-AMP) is active across all departments at IITB, with the primary aim of helping out students who are underperforming academically.

How does the mentor make a difference?

The mentor not only helps freshers settling in the Institute but also solves their academic and personal problems while on Campus.


86 Institute Student Mentors and 215 Department Academic Mentors make up the Student Mentor Program team at IIT Bombay

Aditi Sharma

Overall Coordinator

Ashish Kumar Gupta

Overall Coordinator

Kewal Bhat

Overall Coordinator

Somesh Kulkarni

Academic Help Session Cabinet

Atharva Sathe

Counselling Cabinet

Ninad Bhat

DAMP Cabinet

Rohan Vora

DAMP Cabinet

Karan Nikam

English Cabinet

Yedu Krishnan

English Cabinet

Raj Divekar

Design Nominee

Digvijaysingh Gour

Web Nominee

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